We live in the digital age, this has been a blessing for some, but for those that didn’t adapt fast enough it hasn’t gone well, just look at what has happened to the high streets in the UK. Having ran our own successful businesses outside of web design we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to apply to other businesses to give them the best chance of succeeding today.

We are a young and ambitious business that want to share our skills and help others prosper with us. We understand that although you may realise that a user friendly website and website SEO is important, you might not understand why or how it should be achieved, we do and we’ll let you sit back while we make your website work for you just like it should.

One of our previous businesses was a luxury confectionery company based in Manchester UK, because of the SEO we carried out and the user friendly website we designed, around 95% of our orders came through our website. We didn’t advertise online or offline. By building up an extremely strong brand presence, having very friendly customer service and an optimised website, we were able to rely solely on our website to bring in the orders. Like all businesses we had our own share of customers who struggled in the recession and went under, many were household names, we know what it’s like to run a business in this kind of climate!

Whether you need a brand new website or need your website to increase traffic and leads, we’ll work with you to help achieve your goals.

It’s this knowledge and experience that we want to bring to your business.
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