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When it comes to using SEO and ranking websites in certain niches, things can sometimes be a little tricky. Links aren’t readily available and you have to get creative with your link building campaign.

The on page SEO has to be absolutely spot on, this applies to all niches / industries but for more difficult niches it’s even more important. It’s still essential to avoid over optimising the web pages though as this increases the risk of a Google penalty.


Recently a client contacted me, initially for general advice and help with their website. Their website was live and looked good enough but it wasn’t generating any enquiries (spammers enjoyed sending constant emails though). They wanted to know why they weren’t getting any enquiries through the site and asked if I could help.

At first glance I could tell that no on page optimisation or keyword research had taken place by the previous web master.

Keyword research and on page SEO can make even the most basic of websites perform better, leading to increased rankings especially for local SEO.

It’s really important for me to understand where a businesses strengths lie and also which locations / areas they are currently successful in. Once that has been determined I can discover more business opportunities for them via keyword research. After discussing these points I was able to narrow down the keywords that the site would target. Then I got to work on the site by editing code and making it more search engine friendly.

First I worked on the on page SEO, here’s what I did:

  • Optimised each pages content to target a range of keywords to avoid an over optimisation penalty
  • Optimised the images / photos on the website to increase the sites loading speed and also increase search engine visibilty
  • Adjusted the META Title, Description and Tags
  • Internal website linking architecture was strategically implemented to ensure link juice flowed through out the whole site in a controlled manner and also gave a good user experience
  • Added SCHEMA markup to let search engines know the exact location of the business and their contact details

Once the on page SEO had been completed I then started to implement a link building campaign.

The website had already started to increase in ranking simply due to having optimised content, this alerted the search engines as to exactly what this website was about, making it more relevant to searches that people will be making.

The link building campaign is an on-going process, here’s some of what I’ve done to achieve page one rankings:

  • Acquired and claimed as many local listings as possible (Google Places, Directories etc.) There are many sites that list business details without the business owners knowing. In many cases you are able to claim these listings and add the details that YOU WANT people to see. Powerful backlinks can easily be built back from these sites as well as obtaining some referral traffic.
  • Built and submitted sitemaps to the major search engines
  • Located niche relevant directories and added the business details to them
  • Gave the business a presence on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

There are still many more link building opportunities out there too!

One of the most important factors to take away from this case study is that you do not necessarily need lots of strong links pointing to your website for local listings (although it does help). Citations from a number of respected websites are very important, these ensure that a local website only shows up for local and relevant searches.

Could your website be performing better and generating more enquiries?

My On Page SEO Infographic

Here’s an infographic that I’ve designed to outline the on page SEO essentials for your website. With this knowledge you can implement your own ongoing SEO strategy, making sure you stick to the correct practices.

If you would like help with your websites SEO or design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at

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