Local SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important aspects of how the internet works today. No matter how much money or time you’ve spent on the design of your website or logo, without a fully optimised website no one is going to see it.

It’s quite common for local businesses to have websites but not see a single sale or conversion from it. This is happening because the website isn’t receiving the targeted traffic that it needs due to the fact it’s not appearing in the top results in the major search engines.

Google is the most dominant search engine as we all know but it’s never good to put all of your eggs in one basket so we always try just as hard to get websites ranking high in Bing and Yahoo as well as the other search engines.

If your website needs a boost here’s a basic overview of what we’ll do:

Content tweaking – We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure your website has a higher chance of appearing in the search engines than your competitors. No visible changes will be made but they will have dramatic effects.

Website structuring / architecture – If your website isn’t structured properly it can have a huge impact on your rankings. There are techniques that can be used to make sure this doesn’t happen, we know them. This not only helps search engines to understand your website better but it also improves your visitors experience.

Keyword targeting – Using specialist keyword tools we’ll find the best keywords for your website to target as well as any keywords you would like to target. This ensures that the websites is highly targeted to what people are searching for. We’ll also analyse your competitors keywords so that your website can effectively compete with them!

Link building – These days it’s all about high quality links that help your website to succeed in the search engines. Many out there will still build thousands of “bad links” but that is a fast was to get penalised by Google and say goodbye to traffic, rankings and earnings.

Additional content – This technique involves adding new pages or content to target specific keywords that we’ve found based on our keyword research, meaning that your site has a chance to appear for a whole range of keywords.

Other techniques – There are a lot more things that we’ll do behind the scenes to make sure the search engines know about your website and give it the best possible chance of increasing it’s position.

All of these techniques combined together have been proven time and time again to work extremely well and improve rankings in the search results.

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